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Garden design and planning in Northern California.  Landscape, Garden and Planting planning and design focused on sustainably beautiful outdoor spaces.



Christine Ferris, Owner / Designer

I have to admit, I can hardly pass a tree, vine, shrub or flower without getting up close and personal with it to see what it looks and feels like, to drink in the colors, the textures, the scent, and to think about what place it might hold in nature and in the garden.  Actually, my fascination with plants, gardens and garden design is due to the sheer dynamism of it all – the way plants are not only growing, but always changing color, shape, size, texture, flowers, seeding, producing fruit.  The garden’s beauty has the added allure of bringing hummingbirds, butterflies, dragonflies, and buzzing bees collecting nectar into the garden – making the whole space vibrant and alive.   Of course, there are sometimes unwanted guests, but that’s for a less poetic moment…

My enthusiasm for plants and gardens led me to study at U.C. Berkeley Extension in their Landscape Architecture Program.  This program provided me with a comprehensive foundation in design, aesthetics, environmental awareness and technical knowledge as taught by industry professionals with hands-on knowledge of landscape design.  But my background is also in my genes – my grandparents started a native plant nursery on the Oregon Coast in the 1950’s, my uncle is a landscape designer and my father has ALWAYS had the best vegetable garden on the block.

To stop learning is to stop living, so through my association with APLD (Assoc. of Professional Landscape Designers) and by constantly reading what others are doing and by simply looking at the world around me I continue to learn about all things landscape, from the latest in irrigation techniques, to the coolest new plants and the newest trends in paving materials.


Here’s a quick taste of what you’ll find working with C Ferris Landscape Design:

o   Designs to suit the specific demands of your garden, your family, your life

o   A passion for plants that will thrive in your space  

o   A focus on quality design and materials

o   Respect for your time and your needs