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Garden design and planning in Northern California.  Landscape, Garden and Planting planning and design focused on sustainably beautiful outdoor spaces.




All work with CFLD Landscape Design begins with an on-site consultation whether you need a full-blown landscape plan or just some advice on your plants or garden.  During the consultation we review your site with an eye to understanding your specific interests, needs and preferences as well as the site environment (soil, sun, water, etc.).  Depending on the level of input you require, a customized work plan will be developed for you.  This consultation work plan can be the extent of what is needed or may just be the starting point for a comprehensive design plan (see Planning and Design).

Our design services work within your needs and budget to develop custom outdoor spaces that you love to live in. From simple patio plans, to a complete renovation of your existing garden, to installation of a brand new landscape, our comprehensive designs are professionally drafted to scale on Dynascape design software for a clear rendering of your unique landscape plan.



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Whether as part of an overall landscape plan or as a consultation regarding your existing garden, we help you determine the right plants for the right places.  Understanding which plant is the right plant goes beyond its aesthetic features -  of course the plant should be beautiful to look at, but we take into account environmental conditions such as soil and sun exposure, your desired maintenance tolerance, as well as each plant’s water needs and growth habits to insure the plant will thrive. 

Working with your preferred landscape contractor, we insure design plans are installed to specifications.  We help source plant materials and review the accuracy, shape and health of plants before they go in the ground. We hand place all plants in your new garden and review irrigation with your licensed contractor to insure a quality installation and adherence to the design intent.  And sometimes, on-site decisions can help to make a great plan even better.